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Architectural Review

Living in a Homeowner’s Association has a lot of benefits and rewards. The biggest reward is the preservation of each homeowner’s property value by establishing guidelines and standards for the edification of the neighborhood to ensure the community remains esthetically pleasing. As residents move in and out of Mansfield Farm Association, this is a reminder to all homeowners of how we preserve our home value through Architectural Review Guidelines.

Architectural Review Guidelines

No improvement, addition, alteration, repair, excavation or rebuild of a home, structure or fence, which alters the exterior appearance of any lot or changes the design, size, material, or color of the original construction, may be made without the prior written approval of the Architectural Review Board (ARB).

Items that require approval are listed below but not limited to:
● Sheds● Fence (Chain link fences not allowed)● Above ground pools MAY REQUIRE PERMIT ● Solar Panels● Patios● Roof replacements● Removal of trees● New driveways or extensions● Screened Porch● Window replacement● Trees in landscape● Sidewalks● Paint shutters or door
Applications should be submitted directly to management at UPA prior to any alterations made on the lot, with enough time for the ARB to review the application before the start date of any project. Submitted to the ARB must be a
 completed application survey showing location of alteration or addition,  building plans (if applicable)  plans & specifications including type of material to be used permits from City (if applicable),  photographs or drawings, illustration of any replacement components (fence color/material, door, window, lighting, gutters, etc.) description of plantings to be removed and/or added
Once an application is submitted, the ARB Committee has 45 days from receipt of the application to approve or deny the application. If the applicant does not receive notice within 45 days of approval or denial, then the application would be considered approved. Please keep files for your record. In no event is the ARB liable to any owner or contractor for damages or costs incurred on account of approval, disapproval, or delay of application.
In the event that you do not approve the modifications to your lot, it could affect the resale of your home. During the transfer of a property to a new owner, management performs a resale inspection. At this time, any violations or unapproved modifications to the lot, will be reported. This could delay the sale of the home and cause future owners to revoke interest as these items will be required to be brought into compliance before the sale of the home can progress.
In addition to delays to the sale of your home, you could receive a violation notice for the alteration not being approved prior to installation. Violations that are not brought into compliance are subject to Due Process Hearings where charges can be assessed against your account. Although violations can be incurred from unapproved modifications, there are several items that the Declaration and Bylaws do not allow in Mansfield Farm Association. Our management company, United Property Associates, is tasked with the responsibility to perform weekly inspections of the neighborhood to ensure compliance with our Documents. Should you receive a notice from UPA, please respect the timeline provided to bring the violation into compliance or notify management if you need additional time.
The Declaration & Bylaws do not allow the following in Mansfield Farms:
● Every owner shall maintain effective erosion control. After 7 days of a received notice, the HOA has the right to enter the lot to rectify the erosion (Section 3)● No noxious or offensive activity (Section 6)● Remove underbrush, weeds, or unsightly growth. After 15 days of a receive notice, the HOA has the right to enter the lot to remove, mow, prune, or cut underbrush or weeds from lot (Section 6)● No temporary structures, barns, trailers, tents, shacks, garages or outbuilding of temporary or permanent structure (Section 7)● No outside laundry lines (Section 7)● Boats, utility trailers, campers, recreational vehicles, utility trailers or oversized vehicles can be placed on the lot without ARB approval, and not within an enclosed or screened area so that it is not visible to the street (Section 8)● No animals, livestock or poultry shall be raised, bred or kept on any lot or any dogs or cats or other household pets that are bred for commercial purposes (Section 9)● Nothing should be stored or kept on any lot that raises the risk of insurance (Section 10)● No owner shall lease a lot without Approval and a 12 month lease (Section 11)● All air conditioner units shall be located in the rear or side of the house only (Section 13)● Garbage receptables should be stored or screened so that they are concealed from view (Section 13)● NO fence shall be erected without approval. No fence shall be higher than 8 ft. (Section 14) ● No exterior clotheslines or apparatus intended for air-drying garments (Section 17)● Mailboxes should be identical to those installed by Declarant (Section 22)

It is important to note how procedure works, we hope that all owner’s take pride in their home and community to ensure the high-quality neighborhood you all have invested to be a part of.

Download the ARB application

Applications should be submitted directly to management at UPA prior to any alterations made on the lot, with enough time for the ARB to review the application before the start date of any project.